Since 1994, Horton remains an exclusive resale partner of Useong Electro Mechanics, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea for the USA, Canada, and Central and South America markets. Manufacturing more than 20 million units a year, Useong is a state of the art, leading global supplier of OEM and aftermarket water solenoid valves, pressure and sensor switches, solenoids, quick connectors, laundry and refrigerator valves.


With ISO 9000 and 14000 recognition and GE 6 Sigma status, Useong supplies all of the major Asian OEM refrigerator water valve requirements, all of GE and Electrolux residential refrigerator requirements. Uesong is also a primary supplier of laundry and refrigerator valves to LG and Samsung. Uesong valves are UL, VDE, ROHS, UL Water Classification, and NSF approved. 


The Horton Company is the exclusive partner for OEM and aftermarket water valves not served directly by Useong. The Horton Company has the information systems, infrastructure, and experience required to manage certification, application and additional customer requirements to support the purchase of Useong products.


We are proud partners of Useong.